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"Ecological design’s main purpose is to create a new concept by merging the natural and human world together using ecology as a base for the design. 
This design assists in hosting a wide range of local fauna and flora, ranging from bugs to owls in their natural habitat. The aim is to simulate a self-contained ecosystem encompassing well-manicured landscapes implanted with buildings."

Naji Sleiman, received his Architecture diploma from the Institute of fine Arts in 1999. Ardent advocate for the environment

Naji’s care for the environment, made him embark on a path of raising awareness that is clearly reflected in all of his projects.  The dwindling levels of greenery throughout Beirut as a result of expedient urbanization, have propelled him to adopt such a route in the construction and renovation of every structure. 

.  Lebanon                                                                 

  7th Floor Achrafieh 486 Building

  Evangelical Brothers Strt, Beirut  

  T: +961 1 202242

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  E : najisleiman@gmail.com                                           



.  France 
  18 avenue de Paris   
  94300, Vincennes
  M :  +33 7 87 59 60 12   
  W: www.najisleiman.com

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